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largo house

The Largo Estate was bought by Sir Alexander Durham in 1662.

His grandson James Durham (1732-1808) built Largo House in 1750.
In 1939 Largo House and grounds were requisitioned by the War Office
and were used by Polish Paratroopers from 1940 to 1941 for training

An assault course was built behind the Eagle Gates Lodge. The course
was extremely difficult, with gymnastic machines, obstacle courses,
climbing ropes in the trees, high walls and ditches, the trainees
nicknamed it Małpa Gaj, the Monkey Grove.

A jump tower, to Polish engineer Iwanowski’s specification, was built
next to Lundie Tower to the west of Lundin Links. The trainees were
able to practice parachute jumping in relative safety. The tower became
the model for British and American training towers. A tower was later
built at Ringway airport in Manchester.

Over 5500 troops from all nations were trained, including Poles, French,
Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch, Czech and British. They lived in Nissen
huts which were built at the rear and east of the house, one of which
was used as a kitchen.

 largo house