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“53 PITS of Levenmouth”

Methil Heritage Friend’s exhibition is about the coal mines of the Levenmouth area in Fife.
The exhibition  opened to the public on Tuesday 28th February 2012. Within the centre there is a vast archive of pictures and wrtitten documents on all aspects of mining life.

  53 pits
It may surprise you to learn that there were so many pits in this area.
What does this word ‘pit’ really mean?
Our definition is that it is a named source of coal mined by one of five different methods:
- stair pits - gin pits - engine pits - horizontal mining - deep mining -
A large map in the exhibition area shows where the pits were located, sadly there is little to see today. 
A photographic record of these sites, as they look now, forms part of the display.
Coal carvings, mining artefacts and a huge lump of coal are on show in the Centre.
It is surprising how many children have never seen coal.

Although we have a lot of information for some pits, for many details are scarce. 
We have managed, however, to uncover some facts for each one.
The history of these pits was often complicated and difficult to research. 
Some shared the same pithead others changed their names at different times over the years. 
It all adds to the confusion for the historian!
 lump coal
To the best of our knowledge we have 53 pits in Levenmouth. 
If any visitor is able to fill in any of the gaps in our knowledge and is willing to share this information, we would be most grateful. 
Please contact us by e-mail or contact the centre.

  Coal seam    band

 In December 2007 Friends of Methil Heritage received support from the Scottish Government-funded Digital Resources Development Team for their SCANIT project.
With a grant to buy equipment, and after specialised training, 7 dedicated Friends scanned almost 2000 photographs from the Heritage Centre's collection.
Now, anyone looking for a particular image can browse "thumbnail" versions in print and visitors can enjoy a continuous slide show of images of the area. The original photos are kept safe for the future while high quality electronic images will soon be accessible to all.
(Supported by the Regional Development Challenge Fund)


The centre is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

from 11.00am – 4.30pm

and Saturdays from 1.00-4.30pm. 

Admission is free. 

 Please contact the centre on 01334 659339

for further information about the Centre and facilities.