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Methil Banner 


Each panel measures 60 cm wide by 1.5m long and is made from numerous smaller parts sewn onto the panels.The banner has been paraded on gala days and in exhibitions throughout Fife.

The Centre Friends made this banner with the help of artist Don Murray during several workshops run by the artist in 1998.



Methil Heritage Banner

The three panels represent the community and the local industries. Panel one has three masks representing the cinemas Methil once had (Western, Palace and Imperial) along with ER 1936, the date stone on the Heritage Centre, formerly the post office.

This is thought to be the only one in the country to have opened during King Edward's reign, another is said to be in New Zealand.

The second panel shows a stylized Forth Railway Bridge, a cargo boat and a fish. Methil docks was once the most important port for the export of coal during the first part of the last century.

The last panel shows a swan, the emblem of the Wemyss estate, and a broken pit winding wheel representing the end of the coal era in the area. Numerous coal mines once operated in Methil and the surrounding area with millions of tons of coal being exported through the port