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Icon of Lady of Ostrabrama in Falkland Palace chapel

The icon ‘Our Lady of Ostrabrama’, created by 2nd Lt Albin Bratanek, was
a gift from the 3rd Polish Parachute Battalion stationed in Falkland Palace.
This gift was a highly artistic and sophisticated example of recycling.
It is almost beyond belief that it is made of corn beef tins, shells
and cartridge cases!

The text of the official act of transfer of the image says:

We the Polish Paratroops of the 3rd Battalion offer to you, the People
of Falkland a picture of Our Lady of OSTRABRAMA in souvenir of our stay
in Falkland and as a token of gratitude for all your kindness you have
shown us when stationed amongst you. This picture must be kept for ever
in the chapel of Falkland’s Palace.

May it cement the friendship of both our Nations.

FALKLAND A. D. 1944.

                              ostrabrama icon