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This is the 100th anniversary of WWI and that experience didn’t enable us to avoid the next one.
WWII however, showed how people respond when they consider they believe the cause is just.
While Levenmouth didn’t appear to be in the frontline, there was serious activity around the Firth of
Forth and the fear of frontline invasion was very real.

The signs of the efforts and activity to defend our shores are still evident today along our coastal
fringes. The arrival of Polish troops driven from their homeland brought the reality of the consequences
of war to our doorstep. Men, forced to flee their homes, had come prepared to continue the fight
and to defend the people who took them in allowing them to train for the day when they would be able
to take more positive action to return home.

Many integrated into our communities as they couldn’t go home after the war given the political
conditions between East and West which existed following the end of hostilities. Their descendants
are very much part of our society today.

Why the Memorial?

To commemorate:-

—— The coming together at a difficult time in common cause.
—— The local provision to the Polish forces need for training facilities.
—— The Polish contribution to our defence at that time.
—— To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Arnhem