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The Polish army in exile were heavily involved in the construction
of Fife’s coastal defences stretching from Tayport to Rosyth.
Due to the very real threat of an imminent invasion many of these critical
defences were hastily constructed. Using locally sourced materials, steel,
cement, brick and concrete mix, they were built to last.
Many of the early pillbox construction plans were quickly drawn up on
pieces of paper and even the back of cigarette packets.

There was also one man steel sniper posts dug into the sand manned
by Polish snipers should the German invasion force arrive. They were so
well built many still survive to this day over 70 years since they were built.
Polish forces alongside local home guard battalions helped man the
many pillboxes, observation posts, searchlight stations and gun
emplacements strategically placed along Scotland’s east coast
from Montrose to Burntisland. Local territorial army units also
helped in this task.

building efences