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He was only a collier laddie,
Just one of the thousands more
Who downed their tools and enlisted,
Like their Fathers did of yore
When dangers neared the homeland
They were ready to man the guns,
And defend their hearts and homesteads
From the “Traitor” and his Huns.

Now he’s only a private soldier,
Happy in doing his bit
In defending his King and Country -
Just a lad of the true British grit,
Yet modest, withal, is this hero,
And of humble origin is he:
Though only some months in the Army,
He has earned the grand title – V.C.

Twas a battlefield in Belgium
Or perhaps it was in France,
An opportunity came to him,
And our hero took his chance
To save his fallen comrades,
Who’s cries for help seemed in vain,
Until this humble lad resolved
To bring them in again.

Out of the trench this brave lad crept,
Creeping with halting breath,
Onward, forward, with beating heart,
Into the jaws of death.
When the guns spat fire, and shrapnel fell
Where The Reaper took his toll,
This collier laddie still crept on
Until he reached his goal.

Oh God, our help in ages past,
His comrades softly pray,
Guide him, oh Thou great Jehovah,
Guide him safely on his way.
Back again he’s slowly creeping,
Back with one he went to save.
Came this hero, with his comrade
Rescued from a soldier’s grave
Still the cry for help’s repeated,
Once again this laddie went
Right into this hell’s fire region,
On his mercy’s mission bent.
Another comrade lying wounded,
Through his glasses he did see;
The hero’s heart stirred, and he answered,
No though for himself had he.

Once more “Forward” is his motto,
Tho’ his chums have doubts and fears
If he’ll come back safely this time,
And they dry away their tears.
Still they watch him creeping forward,
To his goal still drawing near,
While the hell’s fire still continues,
But this laddie knows no fear.

Back again he is returning,
Through the storm of deadly strife
Came this humble collier laddie,
Bearing one more precious life.
Many humble prayers are uttered
For this gallant Scot, you see,
And for his heroic actions,
He has earned the grand V.C.

His gallant Colonel shook his hand,
His comrades cheered his name;
It’s by those brave and noble deeds
That Scotland found her fame.
Their humble Royal Scot,
Who risked his life his chums to save,
of dangers heeded not.

That’s the story of our hero,
Just a modest Scottish boy:
Just a great big-hearted laddie,
And a mother’s pride and joy.
Fighting for his King and Country,
In that land across the sea,
Congratulations to our hero,
Robert Dunsire – now V.C

The origins of this poem are still being researched.