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The Captain's Thanks

The following letter has been sent to the Editor of the Leven Advertiser and Wemyss Gazette by Captain Anderson.


I shall esteem a favour if you would kindly insert the following letter in your valuable paper.

On behalf of myself and crew, I should like to convey heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to the many friends who so kindly came to our assistance in our direct need.

First, let me thank Mr. McAlpine jnr., and Mr. McMillan; and Messrs Walker, Louth, Lawrie and Hutchinson, who so gallantly, and at imminent peril of themselves assisted in our rescue. Likewise to Dr. Murray, who with untiring zeal and generosity attended to the injured, even placing his motor car and clothing at our disposal. The proprietrix of the Wemyss Arms Hotel, the many kind friends-whose names at present I do not know – who so kindly placed houses, clothing, beds and food at the service of all the crew saved, I would include in my expression of thanks.

But mention must also be displayed of the kindness by Mr. Renstrom of the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society for his attention to the material needs of everyone requiring same, as well as by many others unknown to me.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the family of Mr. James Paterson whose sad death may be indirectly attributed to our disaster.

Nowhere could shipwrecked mariners meet with greater kindness or nobler devotion than we did in Methil.

Yours faithfully,

Magnus Anderson, Master


281 Dumbarton Road



18th January 1912"